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Nursing Studies 2016 alumni conference

Leaps in the Dark

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Nursing graduates from the University of Edinburgh have become prominent academics, policy makers and innovative practitioners making a national and international impact. In 2016 Nursing Studies celebrated its 60th anniversary. Established in 1956, it is the longest standing academic department of nursing in the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe. The occasion was marked with a number of high profile events, including a visit from the University’s Chancellor, Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal, and the Leaps in the Dark Alumni Conference in November 2016.

The conference hosted a diverse group of current and former staff and students to look back at their time at Edinburgh and to look forward to the University of Edinburgh's contribution to developments in the field of nursing and healthcare across the globe. The conference was designed to document the ‘leaps’ taken by individuals and groups during each of the six decades of the Department’s history.

Additional work with nursing alumni was funded by an Innovation Initiative grant awarded by the alumni department of the University for the project ‘New Leaps in the Dark’ . Read the full report here.

The project also lead to the publication of a commemorative brochure. The PDF can be downloaded here.