Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences

Why study this degree programme?

You will study within the School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh, an internationally renowned and vibrant University.

Teaching expertise

Teaching on the MA Health in Social Science will be lively and use a variety of formats. Staff come from the range of disciplines represented in the School of Health in Social Science, and bring diverse experience (including health professional experience) and expertise to enrich and support the interdisciplinary nature of the subject matter.

Flexibility and diversity

The large degree of flexibility in the degree programme allows you to explore topics of interest from diverse disciplinary perspectives, taking full advantage of the range of choice on offer to you. Health-related option courses are available across the University of Edinburgh, from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine to e.g. the Science Studies Unit in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Work experience

The MA Health in Social Science also offers the opportunity to learn outside the classroom through an innovative Community Engagement option course which opens up a pathway to new skills, work experience and community based learning that will enhance your employability. Overall, the interdisciplinary nature of the programme is particularly conducive to the development of valuable skills and varied experience that will be of benefit in your chosen pursuits following graduation.