Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences

What is Health in Social Science about?

Health in Social Science is a new degree programme that offers an opportunity to build a robust understanding of the complexity of human experience in the area of health, illness and the social arrangements for care.

The study of health, illness and care is of critical importance both nationally and internationally. Gross inequalities in the experience of health and access to care systems and resources is both topical and a matter of enduring human interest. The programme covers three broad themes:

* societies and communities

* individuals and experience

* healthcare, social care and professional development

The heart of the programme takes a variety of disciplinary perspectives on the social, political and cultural forces that bear upon the experience of health and care; and these are supported by the many health-related option courses available across the University. These allow the curriculum to include elements selected by students to pursue their individual interests.

MA Health in Social Science allows you to study the relationship between health and illness in diverse social contexts. You will explore the social determinants of health and a range of current priorities in contemporary global health as well as aspects of individual experience. Issues of care for both mental and physical health and wellbeing will be introduced. The degree culminates with consideration of integrated care delivery and the role of communities.

Who is this programme for?

The MA Health in Social Science has been developed with a wide range of students in mind, from school-leavers to more mature students returning to study, including via non-traditional routes.

This programme is ideal for those interested in the complex, changing and topical area of health and social care from an interdisciplinary perspective. It offers a broad-based degree in an area of perennial and pervasive importance to human societies