Clinical Psychology

Student research

Learn about the work being conducted by our PhD and MScR students

PhD Students 

Student Name Research area
Aigli Raouna Transition to Parenthood and Bipolar Disorder
Amber Ramos Integrating cognitive, behavioral and veterinary healthcare using applied behavior analysis to improve health and welfare in captive marine mammals
Amber Williams Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 disruptions on emerging adult self-concept and motivation
Asaly Skrenes

 Disclosure experiences of and resilience in male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Asnea Tariq An Experimental Investigation on Mindfulness and Compassionate Mind Training to Reduce the effects of Early Maladaptive Schemas
Benjamin Ramos  
Catarina Gaglianone The Impact of Soothing Images on Prospective Visual Imagery and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression
Claire Ann Banga  
Cristian Alcaino Maldonado Bipolar Disorder early detection in adolescents
Dennis Relojo-Howell Digital mental health intervention
Emma Eliasson Improving psychological therapies for psychosis:  A comparative case series on individualised Metacognitive Training (MCT+) and standard psychological therapy in NHS Lothian
Emy Nimbley Socio-cognitive processing in autism and anorexia nervosa
Ercan Ozdemir The relationship between childhood trauma and psychosis:  Testing the Mentalization Model of Psychosis
Gloria Liu  Antisocial personality disorder, the relationship between intermittent explosive disorder and juvenile delinquency, crime prevention and intervention
Hamdullah Tunc Values and valued living and their relationships with mental health and well-being in adolescents
Hasan Huseyin Ates Patterns of Eating Behaviours and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Huong Le Exploring the relationship between attachment, emotion regulation and depression across cultures:  The case between Vietnam and Scotland
Imogen Peebles Friendships and peer relationships in inpatient eating disorders treatment
Islay Barne  Using experience sampling methodology to understand experiential avoidance in clinical and non-clinical samples 
Jingni Ma Community-based intervention to enhance well-being via facilitation of present moment awareness and valued-living
Kate Leventhal Socially Transformative Resilience: Exploration of a new construct among marginalised adolescents
Khaled Alrwailan  
Kiyoshi Nasir Bhuiyan Examining the effect of technology on peer communication in children with autism spectrum conditions
Koraima Sotomayor Enriquez  Affect Dynamics: role of emotional regulation, mentalization and attachment in daily life
Laura Maclean  
Laura Wauthier Children's interactions with animals
Liesbeth Tip Social Anxiety and social functioning in psychosis
Lilli Clark Psychosomatic experiences in eating disorder development
Lisa Golds The impact of maternal smartphone use on mother-infant interaction
Loukia Bololia Dramatherapy and autism spectrum disorder
Lu Wang Adolescents' aggression in China
Marie-Christine Opitz Eating Behaviours and Health Awareness: disentangling the clinical picture of Orthorexia Nervosa
MacKenzie Roberston Maladaptive eating and body image
María Francisca Morales Larrazabal Perinatal mental health and children's development in the Chilean context
Mathilde Lotteau Creation of a standardized assessment tool for fitness to plead in Scotland
Peilin Lin Horticultural therapy and its acceptability and feasibility among the Chinese elderly population in a community (non-clinical) setting
Rabia Afzal Cross-Cultural differences in humor use, altruistic acts and mental health among young adults
Raahat Manrai Understanding the interpersonal effects of complex trauma in adolescents
Rhys Maredudd Davies Athlete and Retired-athlete mental health
Roberto Maluenda Gatica Therapist mentalization capacity, therapeutic process and outcome within an evidence based-treatment for psychosis
Rowena Piers Co-developing and evaluating a digital mental health intervention for young people
Samar Alzeer Transgenerational Trauma in Arab Refugees: Approaching a Constructivist Grounded Theory to Explore Intra-Familial Trauma in Cross-Culture-Developmental Context
Sarah Jamieson Kinship Care: What makes a kinship care placement successful?
Sarah Janes Assessing the cognitive contributors to offending and violence risk
Shalhavit Simcha Cohen Developing effective multimedia for wellness education
Sherin Dinakaran  
Sian Bedford  A dynamic systems perspective on co-regulatory behavior among adolescents with anorexia nervosa and their parents 
Siennamarisa Brown Pro-Eating disorder online communities
Unaiza Iqbal Animal-assisted interventions and ADHD
Xinmeng Wang  Young people's body image and eating behaviours in China 
Yanwei Chen Separation experiences and attachment of children left behind by migrant parents in rural China
Yuqing Yang