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Trauma, Adversity and Relationships Group

This group is focused on the impact of adversity and trauma on the wellbeing, life chances and mental health of children, adolescents and adults

In this group we are interested in understanding how adversity and trauma in childhood and adulthood affects a range of outcomes such as wellbeing, mental and physical health, educational outcomes and involvement with the criminal justice system. We view the potential impact of adversity as being strongly related to relationships, where supportive relationships can mitigate the impact of adversity and equally experiences of adversity and trauma can make it difficult for people to trust others, seek help and nurture relationships. As well as conducting research, the group exists to promote awareness of adversity and its impacts, particularly in relation to the adoption of trauma-informed practices across a range of services such as law, policing, schools, medical and therapeutic settings. We aim to facilitate a network of interested parties from the NHS and other services. We welcome enquiries from interested partners if you would like to contribute as a collaborator or a participant. Current and recent projects include:

  • Impact of trauma on parenting
  • Perceptions of trauma-aware interventions in schools, the police and government services, such as the homelessness services
  • Impact of covid-19 on parental mental health and parenting in parents of typically developing children and children with developmental disabilities

If you are interested in doing a PhD in the field of trauma, attachment or trauma training, please do get in touch.

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