Clinical Psychology

Mindfulness, Values, and Third Wave Approaches

Exploring the role of mindfulness, values-directed living, and third wave approaches in health and mental health conditions

Within this programme of research, we look at the application of mindfulness, values and values-directed living, and third wave approaches, such as, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), self-compassion and compassion-focused therapy, to the understanding and management of health and mental health conditions.

Our research has addressed wellbeing and quality of life for those experiencing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic pain, fibromyalgia, mild cognitive impairment, dementia, acquired brain injury (ABI), multiple sclerosis, muscle diseases, breast cancer, prostate cancer, late stages of terminal cancer, depression, and neurodevelopmental disabilities, such as, autism spectrum conditions and intellectual disabilities (IDs). We also examine mindfulness, values, and third wave approaches within the general population in relation to self-regulation, in particular emotion regulation and detachment from thoughts, mind-wandering, perfectionism and self-criticism, and connections with nature. Other work addresses how these concepts can be used to support people following major lifestyle changes (e.g. following injury or retirement) as well as carers for people with IDs or challenging behaviour. A final strand is exploring how values-directed living and self-compassion can support student engagement and experience in higher education.

Within the group, we employ a range of methodologies, including basic measurement, scientific evaluation of training, large-scale survey research, intervention development and evaluation, clinical practice, case-studies, and small N research. Members of this group have contributed to the development of measurement scales, including, the Cognitive Fusion Questionnaire (CFQ), the Diabetes Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-Revised, the Mindful Healthcare Scale, and the State Self-Compassion Questionnaire (SSCQ), as well as adapting measurement scales for specific use in different clinical populations.

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