Clinical Psychology

Our Projects

Learn about some of our ongoing work, including studies that are currently recruiting participants

COVID-19, body image and eating

Image of Boy in Mask
We are exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on body image and eating behaviours, as well as how those with eating disorders have been affected

Social media and the online world

Image of people using mobile phones
Our research looks at how using social media may affect our body image and eating behaviours

Evaluating interventions and resources

Image of young people in group
We are evaluating a number of interventions and resources that aim to support young people with body image difficulties and eating disorders.

Dieting and obsessive healthy eating

Image of person drinking smoothie
We are exploring how dieting is related to disordered eating behaviours, including obsessive healthy eating known as 'orthorexia nervosa'.

Eating and neurodiversity

Image of a child eating cereal
We are exploring how eating behaviours and disorders are associated with neurodiversity