Clinical Psychology

Forensic psychology

Understanding offending behaviour, often with regard to individuals with mental health problems or intellectual disabilities.

Violent offending

Our research looks at potential contributors to violence and novel ways of treating and preventing violence, including cruelty to animals. 

We have a special interest in considering cognitive functioning and social cognition at the time of offending (in addition to the traditional areas of developmental and offending history). We also focus on developmental and contextual influences on offending behaviour, and on specific populations, such as people with intellectual disabilities and female offenders.

Sexual offending

Our area of interest is the understanding and treatment of sexual offending in the UK and around the world. In particular, we specialise in technology mediated crimes, often termed ‘internet offending’. We have international expertise in the area of internet offending, with numerous studies and on-going grants that explore areas such as the link between online and contact offending, factors that lead individuals to be more vulnerable to exploitation through technology, and effective deterrents to viewing sexual images of children online. Collaborations with Criminal Justice Social Work and the Police service have been key in much of this work. 


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