Clinical Psychology


Read what past students have said about moving to Edinburgh and studying on the programme

Maryam Badru Abdallah Mohammed:

"Last September, I left my family back in Dubai to begin a journey that I felt would have some challenges, with one of my greatest fears being homesickness. To my surprise, our Programme Director and Secretary, had organised a fun first week of activities that not only gave us a warm welcome but an opportunity to get to know our professors and classmates before the courses began. This immediately put me at ease and I could feel from their dedication that the rest of the year will run smoothly. We also had an introduction to the course, which made me realise how competitive it was to get on the programme and how lucky I was to be in one of the top 5 universities teaching the subject; this motivated me further and assured me I had made the right choice to come here.

When classes began, it was slightly overwhelming for someone like me who had no background in social sciences or psychology, but the professors were outstanding that in the span of three months, I was able to hold a conversation about how the mind works while sharing very fascinating and current news that were related to the field. None of this would have been possible without the professors who are keen to share their knowledge, even in fun ways such as through our programme's Film Club, which hosts award winning movies that are related to our study matter.

Having been elected as a class representative, I have had first hand experience of how our professors and Programme Director work together to ensure that any feedback or concerns that we have is considered and adhered to in a timely manner. This has included hosting exam workshops, providing added support such as recorded lectures when needed and creating a space for student-led workshops that are based on prior experiences. All of which make a very comfortable environment, where we know we are being taken care of.

Classes aside, we have an excellent team of Personal Tutors who are available on a daily basis should we need support in other matters outside class; this has personally been a great help for me dealing with homesickness. Our dedicated Course Secretary has also been excellent with keeping us up-to-date with everything class related, while sharing different opportunities for relevant work and volunteering experience, as well as further studies. Finally, the course organises regular gatherings for us, where we have some drinks, food and some time outside class to meet our peers and have a good time together.

In short, my experience so far has been incredible and Edinburgh is a lovely historic city that offers a variety of activities whether its sports, outdoor activities or food and shopping, which are my personal favourites."

Abs Al-Khulaifah:

"Dr. Williams is an incredible programme leader and lecturer. She is definitely someone who I go to whenever I need help and she is always there to give me support and finds the help that I need"

"It is definitely a programme worth looking in to because it will help you in your everyday life"

"Moving from Kuwait to Edinburgh was a big change for me personally. There are so many activities that you can get involved in, especially that are things that are new to me, it is certainly worth getting in to and trying new things. The people are so nice and friendly, it is also a great opportunity to make new friends from different international backgrounds"

Lu Corporan:

"Initially it was a learning curve as I had taken two years off since graduating. Everything worked out after a small adjustment period, I found things falling in to place"

"The professors are fun, Sergio (Della Sala) was my personal favourite. The amount of knowledge that man has is incredible and he definitely pours it into everyone else"

"Moving to Edinburgh was great, it's a beautiful city and easy to get around, nothing's too far away. I was living in Boston before I lived here, similar size and population, but better transport in Edinburgh"

"I really like the Neuro class that Sergio (Della Sala) teaches, and the Psychological Therapies class, it was nice to get an overview of the different kinds of therapies that are available, especially thinking ahead in terms of our different options in the future"

Abby Ross:

"Edinburgh's a really liveable city so it wasn't really difficult at all to adjust, especially since I did my Undergrad in a big, urban city, so it's actually been quite nice in that sense. It's still a  really international city which i was surprised by. The nice thing about it being small is that it means none of my friends are ever that far away and there's always interesting things to do, places to go."

"I did Philosophy for my Undergrad so I would say a really different discipline coming in to the social sciences there definitely has been a change but at the same time Philosophy and humanities disciplines are certainly applicable to social sciences and Psychology. In that sense it has been a fairly easy transition although the first term was definitely a learning curve there were loads of things that I was trying to learn quickly and I think that is one of the benefits of doing the programme part time as I did have that extra time to get into things easier."

"My favourite course has been Developmental Psychology, children and adolescent psychology. I was really well taught, by Jo Williams, the programme director and I also really enjoyed the subject matter. One of the more surprising things that I enjoyed was Neuropsychology as it was a really technical discipline and it's something that at first I found difficult because it was so different than anything I had done before, it was more scientific, but I think that process of finding it initially difficult and then working more to try to understand it and doing really well in the exam made me realise how much I enjoyed the process and understanding a complicated discipline that was different to anything I had studied before."

James Dixon:

"I decided to apply for the part time programme, partly financially as I have a part time job for the whole year, and also partly because the material is new, just being able to  have a smaller course load and also gaining practical experience alongside my studies. For me it has been a really good decision, I know other people would rather do it in a year, but it's good to have that flexibility."

"It was actually fairly easy to adjust to the programme, my undergraduate degree was in English, and from the start it's been very easy to get to grips with, with what we are being taught on this programme because people are just very supportive."

"I really enjoyed Social Psychology, which is taught by Billy Lee, I think because out of all of the courses it is the most interdisciplinary, it has a lot of aspects of Philosophy and phenomenology, which is very interesting."