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Information for part-time students

All you need to know for part-time study.

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The part-time programme is not available as Online Distance Learning and attending teaching on campus is compulsory.

If you are able to complete the programme over two years, and require to be on a two year part-time programme for funding eligibility, we can transfer you on to a fixed 2 year degree programme at the start of your studies; for now, please apply to the 2-6 year part-time programme.


You will complete the same programme of courses as full-time students but over a longer timeframe (2-6 years). You do not need to commit to completing the programme in a certain number of years on commencement of the programme. There is no fixed order in which you must complete the courses other than the Empirical Dissertation which is completed in your final year.

You are required to complete the matriculation process every year which is done by attending a meeting with your personal tutor held at the start of each academic year. Course choices for the year are selected during this meeting.

You are required to complete a minimum of 40 credits every two years; what course and in what semester is for you to decide (this does not include the dissertation as this will need to be completed in addition to the taught course requirements).

If you do not complete the required 40 credits, and are not in correspondence with the programme team, you will exit from the programme.


As a part-time student you pay for each course individually on enrolment - this is called Invoiced at Course Level (ICL). Individual course prices are based on the credit value of each course which can be found here:

Programme Content and Structure

Please note the Empirical Dissertation course is 60 credits and will therefore constitute approximately a third of the overall cost of the programme.

Further information on ICL fees can be found here:

Invoiced at Course Level Fee Information

Please be aware that course fees typically increase year on year by approximately 5%.


2-6 year part-time intermittent/flexible study programmes may be ineligible for postgraduate funding. We recommend you contact the appropriate funding body to establish your eligibility for funding prior to commencement of the programme.

Further information on funding can be found here:

Postgraduate Funding