Clinical Psychology

Facilities & community

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Students on the MSc in Psychology of Mental Health (Conversion) programme become part of a large and vibrant psychology community in the University of Edinburgh, and have access to a wide range of psychology seminars and talks.

Research facilities

Students on the programme have access to a School of Health specific postgraduate computer lab and a Clinical Psychology Equipment catalogue that includes laptops, video cameras and voice recorders, as well as a large library of psychometric tests. 

The University of Edinburgh offers international-quality research facilities and resources, including computer labs and research rooms and equipment.


The Department of Clinical Psychology is very research active. You can find out more about our research groups and specific areas of interest in the link below:

Other Support and Facilities

The University offers many other support services to help students adjust to academic life, including:

Student Wellbeing Services

Student Immigration Service

Student Disability Service

Library Services

Programme social life

In addition to academic studies, the programme offers a range of social activities. We host a social event during Welcome Week and appoint social representatives on the programme at the start of the academic year to organise small, frequent events throughout the year. 

The programme uses social media to allow students to circulate details of student-led social activities and events.

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The aim of the social events and social media is to provide opportunities for students to get to know each other outside of class to provide an excellent student experience while on programme.

A vibrant student community

You will be located in the George Square area of Edinburgh, which is an exciting student centre and hive of activity.

You will have easy access to the Departments of Clinical and Health Psychology and Psychology, along with the Main Library and other facilities, which are located in this campus.

The Student Union centres of Teviot and Potterow provide meeting places and refreshments and offer a range of more exciting activities.

For those interested in sports, the University of Edinburgh has offers excellent sports facilities close by and a wide range of highly successful sports clubs you may wish to join.