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The programme consists of both 10 and 20 credit taught courses, outside of the 60 credit dissertation. Many of these are intensive 5-week courses that combine in-depth analysis of psychological theory and its application to understanding mental health and illness.

Courses are delivered in a variety of formats including 'flipped classroom', small group tutorials and traditional lectures.

Please follow the link below to learn more about the current courses on the programme in depth. 

MSc Psychology of Mental Health (Conversion) Degree Programme Timetable 2021-22

*Please note that we link to the latest information available, which may be for a previous academic year and should therefore be considered indicative.


Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychopathology

(10 credits)

This course introduces students to a range of developmental psychology theories and applies these to understanding mental health and illness.

Individual Differences in Mental Health

(10 credits)

This course introduces students to a range of theories of individual differences that have direct application to understanding mental health and illness.

Social Psychology and Mental Health

(10 credits)

This course will cover topics such as altruism, attitudes, attribution theory, group processes, prejudice and stigma, social identity, relationships and social networks.

Biological Psychology

(10 credits)

This course introduces students to the role of biological processes, including neurological and endocrinological systems in behaviour and mental health.  

Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Disorders

(10 credits)

This course provides a critical overview of theories and research on cognitive psychology and its applications to mental health.

Psychological Research Methods: Data Management and Analysis

(20 credits)

This course focuses on data handling and data analysis. Students will engage in laboratory style workshops where they will participate in practical activities to enhance their data analysis skills.

Research Methods in Applied Psychology

(20 credits)

This course considers research methodology and includes sessions on research design, data collection methods, systematic reviews, meta-analysis and ethical issues in research.

Conceptual and Theoretical Psychology

(10 credits)

This course will consider key approaches and concepts in psychology and focus on the relevance of psychology for everyday issues and mental health.

Psychological Therapies

(20 credits)

This course focuses on current therapeutic practice, and the psychological research which informs this and develops an understanding of clinical psychology as a discipline.

Empirical Dissertation

(60 credits)

Students also write their own dissertation on a research topic of their choice relating to mental health and illness.


You will be taught in lectures, tutorials and practical statistics classes. Each student will also receive supervision in small groups for their dissertation project.


Assessments are varied and take the form of short exams, essays, course work and a dissertation. For all courses there will be formative assessment opportunities to support students' successful completion of courses.