Clinical Psychology

Programme aims

Find out about the skills and experience you will acquire.


The programme covers psychology as a science and relates this specifically to understanding mental health and illness.  

You will develop a range of research skills and carry out a research project on an area relating to mental health.

The MSc in Psychology of Mental Health (Conversion) aims to:

  • Enable you to develop in-depth knowledge and critical understanding of psychology as a science
  • Encourage psychological literacy in all aspects of life
  • Encourage you to consider how psychological perspectives can aid our understanding of mental health and illness
  • Develop research knowledge that will enable you to discuss, share, present and analyse data and information in various formats and from a range of sources
  • Develop research methods and data analysis skills
  • Equip you with a wide range of transferable skills including:
    • Self-evaluation and reflection skills
    • Critical thinking and decision-making
    • Time-management skills
    • Oral and written communication skills