Clinical Psychology

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) – Level D

This course is designed for IPT-UK accredited practitioners who wish to undertake an IPT supervision course to support becoming an IPT-UK accredited supervisor. This course is particularly suited to practitioners who already have a locality based supervisor to assist with their advanced practice casework (cases 5 and 6) and supervision of supervision.

Course dates

Monday 30th September 2019

Tuesday 1st October 2019

Course credits 20
Course delivery Campus-based
Academic co-ordinator Fiona Duffy

Course description

IPT is an evidence-based, safe and effective therapy for depression and related disorders.

IPT level D is part of the MSc Psychological Therapies.  This course centres on the development of supervision skills specific to IPT through contact teaching days and reflective practice.  Two full day classroom based sessions include lectures, discussions, role-plays and joint audio-rating of clinical casework.  This course is a bolt on to the NES Training in Generic Supervision Competencies for Psychological Therapies and is shared teaching with Level C students. 

Coursework consists of a reflective essay on your provision of supervision in IPT to another IPT clinician while receiving supervision of supervision by an accredited IPT-UK supervisor, inclusive of joint audio-ratings.  These elements therefore need to be in place prior to starting the course.

Completion of IPT level D, and associated coursework, would contribute to part of a portfolio that could be submitted for the IPT-UK accreditation at supervisor status.

Four students discussing academic work

Intended learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate skills in evaluating adherence to the IPT model
  • Demonstrate skills in communicating effectively and constructively on others application of IPT knowledge and skills within clinical practice, including managing and supporting change in non-adherent practice.
  • Develop knowledge required to proficiently supervise IPT practice.
  • Demonstrate capacity to reflect on their own supervision and associated IPT supervisor competencies.

Course delivery and assessment

Due to the practice-based elements and supervision requirements, this course is delivered over Semesters 1 and 2.

The formal assessment consists of two elements:

  1. A reflective essay on supervision of others (3000 words)  - 100%
  2. Supervision competency (including co-marking of audio-tapes) has been achieved as assessed by supervisor (pass/fail)

Specific Entry Requirements

In addition to the MSc Psychological Therapies programme entry requirements, students must be an IPT-UK accredited practitioner and have completed the NES Generic Supervision Course for Psychological Therapies.