Clinical Psychology

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) – Level C

This course is designed for IPT-UK accredited practitioners who wish to progress to IPT-UK accredited supervisor status. Completion of Level C and associated coursework will create a portfolio that could be submitted for IPT-UK supervisor accreditation. This course is particularly suited to practitioners who do not have access to an IPT-UK accredited supervisor within their localities, or who do but feel they would benefit from the advanced teaching, and increased focus to develop supervision competencies within a clear time frame.

Course dates

Monday 30th September 2019

Tuesday 1st October 2019

Friday 11th October 2019

Thursday 9th January 2020

Course credits 40
Course delivery Workshops
Academic co-ordinator Fiona Duffy

Course description

IPT is an evidence-based, safe and effective therapy for depression and related disorders.

IPT Level C is part of the MSc Psychological Therapies.  It provides an advanced supervised practice placement for IPT cases 5 and 6.  Supervision is conducted in dyads with an IPT-UK accredited supervisor, to allow for the parallel development of IPT supervision skills.  It includes a two-day IPT supervision course, which is a bolt on to the NES Training in Generic Supervision Competencies for Psychological Therapies, and is shared teaching with Level D students.  Level C aims to assist participants in the development of all competencies and skills required for IPT-UK supervisor status.  Coursework will contribute to a portfolio at the end of the course that could be submitted for IPT-UK supervisor accreditation.

Fees for IPT-UK accredited supervision are in addition to course fee’s and are approximately £1750.  The University will guide and support students in obtaining a supervisor, although this cannot be guaranteed.  Please note, those who are undertaking this course as part of a NES scholarship, supervision fees are included in this contract.

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Intended learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate skills in evaluating adherence to the IPT model.
  • Demonstrate skills in communicating effectively and constructively on others application of IPT knowledge and skills within clinical practice, including managing and supporting change in non-adherent practice.
  • Develop knowledge required to proficiently supervise IPT practice.
  • Demonstrate capacity to reflect on their own supervision and associated IPT supervisor competencies.

Course delivery and assessment

Due to the practice-based elements and supervision requirements of this course, it is delivered over Semesters 1 and 2.

The formal assessment consists of five elements:

1.  Case Report 1 (3000 words) – 50%

2.  Reflective essay on supervision of others:  (3000 words) - 50%

3.  Training Log (pass/fail)

4.  Advanced level IPT competency has been achieved as assessed by a supervisor (pass/fail)

5.  Supervision competency (including co-marking of audio-tapes) has been achieved as assessed by supervisor (pass/fail)

Specific Entry Requirements

In addition to the MSc Psychological Therapies programme entry requirements, students must be an IPT-UK accredited practitioner and have completed the NES Generic Supervision Course for Psychological Therapies.