Clinical Psychology

Who is this programme for?

The programme is suitable for graduates of psychology or related disciplines and those with experience of working with children and young people in clinical, social work, educational or third-sector settings.

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This masters programme  is suitable for people at various stages in their careers. It is suitable for recent graduates of Psychology, or related subjects who have experience of volunteer or work placements with children and/or young people. The degree is also suitable for entry into research positions or PhD-level study and may enhance entry onto trainng programmes in clinical or applied psychology. The programme is also suitable for professionals  who wish to specialise their knowledge in the field of child and adolescent mental health.

Entry Requirements

A UK 2:1 honours degree, or its international equivalent in Psychology or a related discipline and volunteer/work experience with children, young people or families. We also consider applications from those with practitioner qualifications.

We ask for students to have some  experience of working, or volunteering with children and young people, as we draw upon your experience  during classroom activities. In your application, it is helpful to note what the relevance of your experience is for mental health. We welcome applications from both UK and international students. Please note that we do not provide placements or clinical experience as part of the programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What our students say...

''My favourite thing about the program so far is the incredible motivation and support I have received from faculty and peers. The world-class professors and researchers are incredibly knowledgeable, but are also extremely approachable and supportive. The effort of the school to bring together the CYPMHPP cohort has created both an academic and social support system, which is invaluable as an international student. The ability of this program to combine high-level academics with such a nurturing environment is something really quite special.''

''The course lecturers are very motivated to make our lectures and tutorials as interesting as possible and help us to think about how we can apply the content to  practice with children and young people.  Throughout the variety of courses offered, I have been gained invaluable skills, not limited to practice, such as conducting literature reviews, data analysis, report writing and public speaking and engagement.  The staff also offer good networking and volunteering opportunities for students.''