Clinical Psychology

Meet our students

Our students bring a wealth of different experiences and backgrounds into the classroom.

Our students are an eclectic mix of recent graduates, graduates with applied experience, professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge and confidence and people who are changing their career focus. What they have in common is curiosity, a passion for learning about mental health and some practical experience upon which they can draw during classroom discussions. A key feature of the programme is the opportunity to reflect on, and discuss the application of theories of child and adolescent mental health to different cultural contexts and areas of professional practice. Each academic year, the mix is slightly different, yet each year it is underpinned by our students' motivation to enhance their own knowledge and an openness to learning from others in a holistic manner.  Our typical cohort includes students from a wide range of countries, which affords the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural perspectives and practices. 

We are proud of the achievements of our enthusiastic and committed students, several of whom have gone on to present their research at national and international conferences or have progressed to a PhD  or clincial training programme. Many of our students are making a difference within the third sector or educational sector.

What our students say

Here is what some of our previous and current students say about the programme:

Based on my experience, the overall strength of MSc in Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Psychological Practice lies in the effort to translate theory into practice, so that abstract models get a real-life shape. The most important asset I believe I gained this year is a new broader lens through which I can approach mental health constructs. Focusing on the importance of evidence-based interventions and the ability to critically evaluate the extant literature, I feel this MSc has equipped me with strong tools for my future career in the field of psychology.

Aigli Raouna, graduate 2016 currently a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh

My favourite thing about the programme so fatr is the incredible motivation and support I have recieved from fculty and peers. The world class professors and researchers are incredibly knowledgeable, but are also extremely approachable and supportive. The effort of the school to bring together the cohort has created both an academic and social support system which is invaluable as an International student. The ability of this programme to combine high-levels academics with such a nurturing environment is really something quite special.

A. Austincurrently a  PhD candidate, after working as a Reseach Assistant at Kings College, LondonResearch Assistant at Kings College, London

The main strength of this MSc is the focus on linking psychological theory and evidence base practice. I now work as an assistant psychologist with an NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and experience first hand how the teaching on the course is directly applicable to service provision for this group. It has been of great benefit in both my research and clinical tasks.

Maeve ButlerUK