Clinical Psychology

Saskia Cooper

Graduated 2020

I love working with young people, and because of my previous experience supporting children with mental health difficulties and developmental disorders, this MSc provided the perfect opportunity to dedicate my learning to something that I am so passionate about. I absolutely loved the course and am grateful to have been taught and mentored by so many amazing members of staff.

As a whole, the course offers a lot of flexibility which meant that I was in control of the direction it took me. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring a wide range of factors that can contribute to mental health difficulties in young populations, and learning how to consider these in real-world contexts. My main interests focus on the impact of adverse childhood experiences on later mental health, and this course enabled me to conduct further quantitative research in this area for my dissertation.

Since graduating, I have accepted a two-year Research Assistant post at The University of Glasgow. The project, in collaboration with King’s College London, involves developing an online screening tool to detect emerging psychosis in young people. I’m excited to be part of such a great project, and I have no doubt that this MSc played a huge part in my successful application for the position. I feel confident moving forward into the role, with not only the research skills that I have gained, but also the interpersonal skills that the course encouraged me to develop throughout.

My long-term motivation is to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology, and this course has provided me with valuable attributes that I will continue to carry forward into my future practice, and most importantly, the confidence to start thinking like a true psychologist.