Clinical Psychology

Kate Osborne

Graduated 2018

The MSc in Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Psychological Practice particularly appealed to me because of the emphasis it places on applying psychological knowledge to understanding the difficulties experienced by children and young people, and also on the importance of using evidence-based approaches when working with this cohort. I found the programme staff to be very supportive and approachable. They provided engaging lectures and offered constructive feedback on assignments. The class group was diverse, which meant that we could learn from one another’s unique experiences and backgrounds.

While completing this programme, I worked part-time as an ABA tutor and in a play service, which delivered a range of inclusive activities to children and young people with disabilities. Furthermore, I worked as a research assistant on a project which examined the effectiveness of a school-based interpersonal therapy body image intervention. My MSc dissertation involved conducting focus groups with students who had completed this intervention to explore their views on the acceptability, efficacy and feasibility of this intervention.  A poster designed by my dissertation partner and I outlining the findings of our MSc research, was chosen to be on display at the International Eating Disorder Conference in New York in March 2019.

I look back very fondly on my experience of both this programme and the experiences I had during my time in Edinburgh. This MSc was hugely beneficial to me both when I was applying for doctoral courses and also this year while training to be an educational psychologist. I gained several transferable skills from this programme, such as critical thinking, conducting research, teamwork, communication, as well as an enhanced understanding of the importance of a psychological understanding of children and young people. I am very grateful to this programme, and also the opportunities I was presented with during my time in Edinburgh. 

I graduated from the MSc in Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Psychological Practice in 2018 and since then, I have completed my first year of the Doctorate in Educational Psychology course at University College Dublin.