Clinical Psychology

Jenny Smith

Graduated 2017

I came to the MSc programme with a background in Psychology and with a particular interest in trauma intervention and promoting resilience in children and young people exposed to family violence.

Jenny Smith Graduate 2017 MSc Mental Health in Children and Young People

I had previously worked supporting women and children experiencing domestic abuse and through this had gained an understanding of the impact of early trauma on mental health and development. What particularly interested me in the programme was the diverse range of courses, all with a cohesive focus around development and promoting mental health.

The applied theoretical focus particularly attracted me to the course and was present throughout the program, with a unique balance between theory and practice present in both readings and class discussions. The flexibility in the majority of the course to tailor the focus of assignments around particularly areas of interest or experience also meant I was able to tailor my learning around my own professional and academic interests.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the programme and the insights and knowledge that I gained, especially about trauma intervention, attachment and resilience have been invaluable in my current roles as an Advocacy and Family Support Worker for Edinburgh Women’s Aid, supporting women and children affected by domestic abuse. This is incredibly versatile work and I am constantly reminded of what attracted me to the field in the first place.