Clinical Psychology

Programme aims

The programme aims to equip graduates with an informed and critical knowledge base of mental health in children and young people.

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The aims of the MSc Mental Health in Children and Young People: Psychological Approaches are:

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of interacting factors that promote good mental health across the life span from infancy to young adulthood
  • To explore critically  how interacting factors can lead to risk for mental health conditions
  • To provide a thorough understanding of developmental theories and how they apply to children and young people in practice.
  • To develop a theoretical and applied understanding of specific issues such as attachment theories, parenting and trauma and how they translate to practice settings..
  • To explore the evidence base for a wide range of psychological therapies as applied to children and young people.


What our students say:

Focusing on the importance of evidence-based interventions and the ability to critically evaluate the extant literature, I feel this MSc has equipped me with strong tools for my future career in the field of psychology

(Aigli Raouna, graduate 2016)

Throughout the variety of courses offered, I have gained invaluable skills, including  conducting literature reviews, data analysis, report writing and public speaking and engagement

(Kirsty Macmillan, graduated 2017)

My past experience consists mainly of working in early childhood settings with children from vulnerable populations. This  approach of the programme has allowed me to connect my learning in children and young people’s mental health to my specific area of practice

(Amelia Austin, graduated 2017)