Clinical Psychology

Applied Developmental Psychopathology

This course will present students with current models of developmental psychopathology and abnormal development for application to a range of common childhood psychological disorders.

Course dates Semester 2
Course credits 20
Course delivery Blended
Academic co-ordinator Dr Monja Knoll

Course  description

This course provides an introduction to the key concepts and models of developmental psychopathology. 

Through a range of media including lectures and tutorials, online discussion, group work, and problem-based learning, students will develop a critical awareness and understanding of associated social, interpersonal, cognitive, emotional and behavioural patterns, within a developmental context, and the impact these can have on the individual child and the family. 

Students will also consider the importance and the impact of social, emotional and cultural context on the development of psychological difficulties, with a focus on family functioning.

Intended learning outcomes

  • Conceptualise, analyse and present the essential theoretical models of developmental psychopathology and abnormal psychology
  • Demonstrate extensive, detailed and critical understanding of pathways to abnormal development including the influence of social, emotional and biological factors
  • Demonstrate the critical and reflective application of a balanced understanding of risk and resilience factors in children and adolescents who present with significant psychopathology
  • Critically appraise the impact of abnormal development on the wider functioning of the individual child and the family
  • Reflect on the current theoretical basis for clinical practice and apply different conceptual frameworks to individual clinical presentations

Course delivery and assessment

This course will run in Semester 2 (January - March).

The course is available to both campus-based and distance learning students.

The course follows a ‘flipped classroom’ approach: course material is made available online in our exclusive Virtual Learning Environment, with face to face and online seminars delivered weekly, allowing for completion of the course on campus or entirely online.