Clinical Psychology

Research Methods in Applied Psychology

The course aims to introduce students to research design, data collection and ethical issues in psychological research and is suited to students with little or no prior training in psychological or health related research.

Course dates Semester 1
Course credits 20
Course delivery Campus-based and online
Academic co-ordinator Dr Jessica Mirman

Course description

Research Methods in Applied Psychology aims to introduce students to a range of basic research methods in clinical psychology. The course caters for students from a range of backgrounds, including those who are new to research. The topics covered include: framing research questions, observational and experimental designs, data collection approaches, systematic literature review and ethical considerations of research. The course explores both the theoretical underpinnings of research design and the practical considerations and constraints of real-life research. It is taught in a flipped classroom format with online lectures, activities and readings each week followed by a practical workshop.

Intended learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate a critical and contextualised understanding of the key issues in research design and ethics.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of different methods of primary/secondary data collection based on issues of design, analysis and population of interest.
  • Demonstrate research literacy through critical appraisal and synthesis of research.
  • Develop a viable research proposal that can demonstrate logical links between research questions, design and (primary/secondary) data collection.

Course delivery and assessment

This course will run in Semester 1 (September - December).  The course is available to both campus-based and distance learning students.  The course follows a ‘flipped classroom’ approach: course material is made available online in our exclusive Virtual Learning Environment, with face to face and online seminars delivered weekly, allowing for completion of the course on campus or entirely online.