Clinical Psychology

Fees & funding

This programme is part-time intermittent study over 2 - 6 years and is "invoiced at course level". This means that students only pay fees each time a course is registered on their student record. We also offer a 2-year part-time fixed study option which is eligible for Student Finance England’s Postgraduate Loan (PGL). Fees for this programme are fixed per academic year, not per course.

All taught courses on the programme are 20 credits and the cost of one 20 credit course (for the 2-6 year programme) in the academic session 2021/22 is £1,525.  The dissertation is 60 credits. To calculate the cost of the full MSc (invoiced at course level), it is 9 x 20 credits.

The 2-year part-time programme is charged at a fixed fee rate per year.  Half the fees are payable each academic year. Please be aware that the fee for the second year will increase slightly.

Students on part-time programmes of study of more than one year (in this case, both programmes) should be aware that tuition fees do increase every year. This annual increase should be taken into account when you are applying for the programme.

Edinburgh Global Online Learning Master's Scholarship

This online MSc is part of the Edinburgh Global Master’s Scholarship programme.

Student finance

For further information about student finance please visit the Scholarships and Student Funding web pages.