Clinical Psychology

Common Q&As

A list of commonly asked questions and answers for those questions.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions, and their corresponding answers, by prospective applicants to the  MSc Mental Health in Children and Young People: Psychological Approaches (Online Learning)

If you cannot find an answer to your question below, please email the programme administrator in the first instance, who will be able to direct your question to the appropriate person.

Email the programme administrator

Is the programme accredited?

This programme does not provide specific accredited training in a discipline or therapy, nor does it confer Graduate Basis for Chartership (GBC) with the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Who can apply for the programme?

The MSc has been designed for both professionals and recent graduates. The course is theoretical, so we hope that it will offer an alternative approach for professionals to enhance practice, but we also hope that the same theoretical approach will allow recent graduates to either go on to further study or provide a good theoretical grounding beginning to work in the area.

Can I apply for the programme?

In short, we expect applicants to have at least a grade 2:1 (UK grading) but may accept 2:2 if the applicant has relevant professional training. We also have a minimum English language proficiency level as well as needing successful references. You can learn more about the entry requirements for the programme here:

How is the programme taught?

The programme is delivered entirely online, which means that it is geared towards off-campus study.  When developing the programme, our focus was the development of an approach to online learning that would allow students from around the world to apply; you can read more about the University of Edinburgh’s considerable e-learning and teaching facilities here:

Please note:

Students who are able to attend the campus are welcome to enrol on our campus based options.

How much study time to I need to commit to the programme?

The approximate study time commitment needed to complete the programme would depend on the qualification option that you intend to complete.  The programme is offered as part-time intermittent study over two to six years and has a number of qualification exit junctures; each qualification has specific credit requirements that need to be completed to exit with the qualification; you can find out more about our qualification options and their credit requirements here:

Programme structure and content

As a rule of thumb, the approximate time commitment per 20 credit course is between 10-15 study hours per week with each course lasting between 8-12 sessions, so the amount of study time needed would depend on how many modules you undertook at one time.

Part-time students select one or two courses per semester. Students are also able to miss a semester if a course is not available or they have agreed a gap with their personal tutor.

What will happen if I decide to apply?

When applying for programmes at the University of Edinburgh, all applications are screened by a central admissions team, who will consider whether the applicant meets the requirements of the programme; the team would consider such details as the applicant's degree and the attainment level, references, etc.

Once the central admissions team has reviewed the application, it is passed to the programme coordinator for a final decision. You will be notified of the outcome once your application has gone through this review process.