School of Health in Social Science

Researcher Responsibilities

As a researcher, you are responsible for ensuring your research adheres to policies and best practice guidance relating to the conduct of research.

It is your responsibility to ensure:

  1. Your research complies with School, College, and University research integrity and ethics policies as procedures as well as those stipulated by funders
  2. Your ethics application is submitted for approval with sufficient time to receive an outcome before the research commences
  3. You (and if you are the PI, your research team) have undertaken any necessary training
  4. Changes to the project or protocol are communicated to your Ethics Coordinator before any changes take effect
  5. You are aware of the full range of issues to be considered, including research data management and the GDPR
  6. You and your research team understand what constitutes research misconduct



UK Research Integrity Office’s Code of Practice for Research

Universities UK Concordat to Support Research Integrity

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