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Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia

+44 (0)131 651 5135
Centre for Applied Developmental Psychology

+44 (0)131 651 3969
 Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry

+44 (0)131 651 3969


Topic Contact  Email address Subject

School Deputy Director of Research Ethics and Integrity - Clara Calia
  • Ethics of research projects
  • Queries about ethical principles and processes
  • Suggestions for improvements to our policies, practices and provision relating to research ethics in the School of Health in Social Science

Clinical Psychology Ethics leads - Ingrid Obsuth and Karri Gillespie-Smith

CPASS Ethics Leads - Marisa De Andrade and Anna Ross

Nursing Studies Ethics Lead - Steph Grohman

Ethics administrator

School Director of Research - Angus Macbeth
College Associate Dean for Ethics  - Ailsa Niven  
  • College wide ethics issues
  • The College Sharepoint Ethics system

CAHSS Research Ethics and Integrity Sharepoint site

Secretary for College committee - Carol Ball
College Research Ethics Committee - Community of ethics leads from each School

Space for discussion between School ethics leads  

Research Governance (Health and Social Care)    Research Governance Co-ordinator, CAHSS - Charlotte Smith  

Research Governance for health and social care research

Info about CAHSS research governance office support

UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care research

Research Governanc and Integrity (UoE)   Head of Research Contracts, Governance and Integrity- Clare Whittaker

Contracts, legal advice, integrity issues

Info about research contracts, governance and integrity team

Data Protection  HiSS Data Protection Champions - Emily Gribbin

Data protection & GDPR

University guidance for researchers on data protection legislation


Freedom of Information officers - Alice Hamilton Beer and Pauline Patel

Freedom of information requests

Freedom of information procedures for University staff

  Lead and depute Data Protection Officers, University level - Rena Gertz and Victoria Rowntree 

Data protection, GDPR, Data Protection Impact Assessments

University data protection web-page

Information Security Information Security key contact, MHSES Digital Services - Dimitrios Rakovitis

Information security: encrypting data and secure deletion

University information security web-page


  Depute Information Security Officer, University level - Garry Scobie
Research Integrity

Research Integrity Manager in the Research Contracts, Governance and Integrity team - Allan Campbell

Research related contracts/export control issues/ research integrity processes

Research contracts, governance and integrity web-page

Research misconduct

College Associate Dean for Ethics  

- Ailsa Niven/ Named person

Research misconduct

Research misconduct web-page

Data management Research Data Service - Kerry Miller, Bob Sanders, Pauline Ward

Research management before, during and after a project

Research data service web-page

Digital Research  Digital Research Services -  Eleni Kotoula

A single point of access to all of the data and computing services available to researchers at UoE

Digital research services web-page

Risk assessments (Covid) Edinburgh Research Office

University process and forms for risk-assessment when restarting in-person research in the Covid context

Edinburgh research office restarting research web-page

Insurance Insurance Manager - Geraldine Halliday

Provide advice on project and travel insurance for research

University insurance office web-page


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