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Complete an ethics application form or request an amendment

How to complete and submit an ethics application through the School of Health in Social Science.

Process and Procedures

In March 2021, the ethics application and approval process changed within the School of Health in Social Science, students and staff need to use the most recent version of the form available below. Supervisors of hould submit the form on behalf of the student.

There are now two levels of approval, Level 1 and Level 2, and each have different timescales which are outlined in the table below. 

Clinical Psychology students should also read this extra information detailing additional attachments and requirements for their application.

Applications for UG and Taught MSc students must now be submitted by a Supervisor. PhD/MScR students are responsible for completing their own application. Please note that all applications must be submitted as a word document, not a PDF.

Application Timelines

Subject area Level 1 Level 2
Nursing Studies up to 2 weeks  up to 6 weeks
Clinical Psychology up to 2 weeks  up to 6 weeks
Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Science up to 2 weeks up to 10 weeks

*Applications will only be reviewed once all information, including relevant attachments, are provided and therefore these timelines may take longer if we have any queries or need to request further information. 


Any amendments may take up to two weeks. Only 3 amendments will be allowed to a single application.  Any more than 3 amendments will require a new application to be submitted.

Download the form

All application forms must be submitted as a Word document.

Full details of how to submit your application can be found on the forms below.

Once you have read all of the information available, please submit your completed form to

Resources and Training

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries or questions that are not answered by the frequently asked questions or within your subject area information, please contact us at