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Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia

We are an interdisciplinary group of dementia researchers, people with dementia, dementia practitioners and representatives from a range of dementia organisations. We are interested in exploring and developing theories, methods and impact around the experience of living with dementia.

Our aim for the Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia (E-CRED) is to create international social research and impact that prioritises the experience of dementia and strengthens global understanding of living with dementia.

We work across the following core themes:

  • Social relationships and friendships, peer support, emotions and counselling
  • Living and dying with dementia
  • Dementia and design
  • Marginalised groups with dementia (including people with intellectual disabilities)
  • Risk and resilience
  • Methodological developments with people who have dementia on understanding experience and approaches to determining impact of policy, practice and society.

We provide a research and learning environment that creates opportunities for the sharing of knowledge and skills focusing on improving the lived experience of dementia. The perspective of the person with dementia is central to this work: ‘putting the person first’.

Interdisciplinary Working

We have a strong and active commitment to interdisciplinary working and many of our current projects include collaborations with researchers, clinicians and practitioners in a range of practice settings, with voluntary sector organisations and with other academics throughout the UK and internationally as well as across disciplines of social work, counselling, nursing, psychology, philosophy, geography and social policy.



Putting the person first



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