School of Health in Social Science

Stand up for Health

The goal of Stand Up for Health (SUH) is to create sustainable activities that will lead to a cultural norm of reduced sedentary behaviour within call centres.

The SUH intervention has been developed and tested within the Ipsos MORI call centre in Leith. The researchers conducted qualitative focus groups and facilitated a workshop to understand the needs and context of the call centre. Based on the qualitative data, activities to reduce sedentary behaviour were developed to target four levels of the call centre: individual, social/ cultural, environmental, and organisational levels. Examples of these activities include personal goal setting, healthy competitions, implementation of equipment (standing desks, treadmill desks, stair stepper, etc), and the creation of a wellness committee to organise and administer activities once the researchers have left.


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Project Funding

The project is funded by the NIHR PHR grant (National Institute for Health Research - Public Health Research)

Project Team

Ruth Jepson (Principal Investigator, SCPHRP); Graham Baker (Co-Investigator, PAHRC); Andrew Stoddart and Richard Parker (Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit); Scott Lloyd (Public Health South Tees), Jillian Manner and Divya Sivaramakrishnan (Research assistants, SCPHRP)