School of Health in Social Science

Evaluation of Cyrenians’ Hospital In-Reach Programme

Find out more about our new project, Living with Covid: the impact of COVID19 on people in the homelessness sector, including those with lived experience of homelessness.


Homeless people are at increased risk of experiencing ill-health. They are often readmitted to hospital even after discharge, usually for the same or similar reasons for initial hospitalisation. One way of addressing this issue is through the hospital in-reach initiatives or pathway programmes, which have been established to enhance the treatment and discharge ‘pathways’ that patients identified as homeless receive after hospital admission. Since 2019, the hospital in-reach programme is being piloted in two large hospitals in Edinburgh and, this study describes an evaluation of the programme. Specifically, this study aimed to evaluate implementation and delivery processes of the hospital in-reach programme and assess the impact of the programme in relation to readmission outcomes.

The evaluation used a mixed methods approach, employing both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analyses.

The final report will be available in March 2022


This evaluation was funded by Cyrenians.