School of Health in Social Science

About us

Our Centre for Homelessness and Inclusion Health contributes to our Strategy 2030 to ensure that our civic and social responsibilities are at the heart of our university.

North Bridge Edinbrugh taken from below
Photo by David Mackay

By engaging with the local community, we have brought together the social, economic and political resources of the University of Edinburgh with partners across the city to create a unique and dynamic centre for community engagement, education, and research.

The health and wellbeing of people experiencing the tough reality of homelessness is at the heart of our centre. This means that existing health care staff are being supported to develop new learning opportunities in the field of homelessness and health. People who have experienced marginalisation and homelessness are contributing to education and are directly involved in shaping research. University of Edinburgh students and staff have opportunities to undertake learning placements in organisations that work with people who are experiencing homelessness. Research ideas are being co-produced by academic staff, people with lived experience of homelessness and a wide range of health, social care and third sector colleagues.

All of this work aims to improve the health and wellbeing for the most marginalised in Edinburgh and wider society.

In addition to our work locally, existing partnerships are being strengthened in the UK and internationally with leading research colleagues in the field of homelessness. Our first International Research Symposium was led by Dr Juliet Watson from RMIT, Melbourne, Australia in 2018 and since then, a range of different collaborative events have enabled us to develop international and national links with policy, research and practice organisations to draw on best practice to promote knowledge exchange and shared learning.

Theory of Change

Our Centre has developed in an organic way and we came together in August 2018 to develop a Theory of Change. This was generously funded by the Carnegie UK Trust and through this process, we have been able to clarify our aims, refine our vision and align the ‘hopes and wants’ of all of those involved in our collaboration into a coherent plan and direction. Our Theory of Change is now available to download as a PDF