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Stephanie O'Donohoe

What 'creative-relational inquiry' means to me

In the Business School, I am part of the Marketing Group, and my focus is on advertising and consumer culture. I have always been drawn to scholarship in the arts, humanities and social sciences. I see  creative-relational-inquiry as a powerful and inspirational  lens for exploring our lives and how we live them: these three words, and the relationships between them,  stimulate creative approaches to inquiries concerning relationships;  inquiries about creative relationships – including relationships between creative people; and creative research relationships in academic inquiry and engagement.

Some of my research has explored advertising creatives’ working lives and communities of practice, but my main connection to CCRI is through my interest in  the role of consumption and marketplace encounters in sensemaking when people face bereavement or terminal illness;  I have explored compassion and empathy across a wide range of service encounters with bereaved people, but I am particularly interested in  the role of books  in the lives of people who are dying or bereaved: my work explores grief memoirs as a lens on consumption and sense-making in extremis; memoirs of dying and bereavement as objects of consumption; and  the bibliotherapeutic potential of fiction for bereaved children.


Prof Stephanie Donohoe

Professor of Advertising and Consumer Culture

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