School of Health in Social Science

Ian M Robertson

What ‘creative-relational inquiry' means to me.

To me creative-relational inquiry means certain aspects of Action Research with others, my facilitation or intervention work, or personal reflexivity about my professional practice. It's those aspects of work that may be playful, exercise based, generative, involving writing or making images or using our bodies.

There is a rich seam of such work in People and Organisational Development work. Personally, I am influenced by both individual practical examples that I have enjoyed participating in or bringing to others and by theoretical-practical streams. The latter includes the British Action Research school that was based at Bath- e.g Judi Marshall's 'Living Life as Inquiry', as well as Bill Torbert's 'Action Inquiry', autoethnography, and more  interests in art, landscape, music. I'd be interested in finding out more about your construct of creative-relational inquiry.


Ian M Robertson,  Freelance consultant in People and Organisational Development, Strategy and Policy - Graduate of Roffey Park Institute