School of Health in Social Science

Therapy, stand-up and the gesture of writing: Towards creative-relational inquiry

Therapy, Stand-Up, and the Gesture of Writing explores the connections between therapy, stand-up comedy, and writing as a method of inquiry; and how these connections can be theorized through the concept of creative-relational inquiry.

I write about my work as a therapist with my client, Karl, as we meet and talk together, and tell stories of my experiences attending comedy shows my own occasional performances (some of which go well and some of which go less well…). I also offer personal stories - vignettes and poems of work, travel, visiting my mother, mourning my late father, and more. My primary interest in the book is in bringing together therapy, stand-up, and writing as a method of inquiry to mobilise theory, drawing in particular from Deleuze and Guattari, the new materialisms, and affect theory. Through this diffractive work, the text formulates and develops creative-relational inquiry.

by Jonathan Wyatt