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Seven Songs for a Long Life

Seven Songs for a Long Life is a documentary film based in Strathcarron Hospice, one of the largest in Scotland.

by Amy Hardie

I spent four years with patients and staff, and the result has been described as one of the “five best films of its year ”gaining four and five star reviews: "everyday people made larger-than life through quirky wit and sheer strength of character"

(Total Film, ).

Most importantly, this ‘patient-led’ film has been taken up by audiences, especially by patients and their families, who are making use of the interactive clips to plan their own end of life care. 300+ doctors have requested the film to ‘prescribe’ to their patients. Selected for international screening in 11 countries, interviews and articles appeared on US television (Wnet, PBS), BBC radio, and a number of film, news and medical journals and blogs (BMJ, Independent)