School of Health in Social Science

Measuring Humanity

Measuring Humanity is a co-produced asset-based indicator framework to ‘measure’ changes in health, wellbeing and inequalities through creative community engagement.

by Marisa de Andrade

Someone smart once said 'if you can't measure it, it doesn't exist', so I’m out to ‘prove’ the impossible and Measure Humanity. Join me as I push academic boundaries on a mission to measure health and inequalities through creativity and connectivity.

I’m doing a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 on Measuring Humanity.  Come along – tickets are available here:

I’m also hosting a number of workshops with practitioners, policymakers, artists, community members and (anyone else who’s interested!). Come along to this one organised by Beltane –

Or you may want to come to Creating Impact: Theatres & Universities. This event will bring playwrights, theatre practitioners and academics together to discuss and explore different models of collaboration, the opportunities and challenges that they present, and the funding sources available:

I’ve used innovative methods to work with minority ethnic groups using Theatre of the Oppressed – see videos here – – and also singing and music workshops (photos attached).