School of Health in Social Science

Marshallese Arts Project (MAP) – Exploring experiences of displacement through the arts.

This ESRC/AHRC GCRF funded project involved using arts education as a means to build cultural resilience and community-led arts production in the Marshall Islands.

by Shari Sabeti

Collaborating with artists, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Solomon Enos and Christine Germano, the project team ran a series of participatory arts workshops with school-aged children to generate new understandings of the unique historical trajectories and community development needs of Marshall Islanders. The communities we worked with had been forcibly displaced from their ancestral homelands by nuclear testing during the Cold War period, or as a result of the continued use of their islands for the testing of inter-continental ballistic missiles in the present day. Outputs of the project include a variety of visual and textual resources (including films and graphic novels) which are currently being developed for use in the Marshall Islands public school system. These can be viewed on our website:



An AHRC Follow on Funding project around the arts, education and cultural heritage, builds on this to provide film-making, animation and traditional canoe/navigation workshops for young people.