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Experiencing dementia: changing dynamics with place and people

by Charlotte Clarke; I have, over several years, developed a programme of research that uses risk theories (such as Mary Douglas’ Cultural Theory of Risk) to explore and explain the changing dynamics with place and people when someone experiences dementia.

by Charlotte Clarke

I have done so increasingly in a way that uses the arts (film, theatre and occasionally short pieces of creative writing) to present the concepts and research findings to broad audiences in order to engage as many people as possible in a dialogue about these issues. The research has been funded by (among others), Department of Health Policy Research Programme, NHS and ESRC (see for example: 

The filmed pieces are accessible in the following Vimeo channel:

The theatre pieces are touring the UK at present, and The Ties That Bind will be performing in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017.

The films and theatre work have been developed in partnership with Skimstone Arts (and with funding support from ESRC, University of Edinburgh and Arts Council for England) - see:

The impact of this work, and especially the arts based work, is being evaluated at present (through an ESRC award).

In autumn 2017, a 3 year study will commence (funded by the Alzheimer’s Society) to explore the impact of the perception that someone might go missing on their day to day life. This research will embed part of one of the filmed pieces within data collection. Tis research is in partnership with Abertay University and Police Scotland.