School of Health in Social Science

Brexit and Mental Health

Investigating the impact of Brexit on UK-based EU nationals’ emotional and psychological well-being.

by Lorena Georgiadou

Brexit is one of the UK’s current most pivotal international challenges, yet little is known about the way it is impacting society.  This project aims to explore the impact of Brexit on the mental health of one of the most directly-affected populations, namely UK-based EU nationals. The nexus between belonging and well-being has been demonstrated by numerous studies, therefore an investigation of the impact of Brexit on mental health requires an exploration of narratives and degrees of belonging. With this in mind, our project aims to investigate EU nationals’ emotional and psychological well-being as a result of Brexit, with a focus on their sense of belonging. It will also identify the support needs of this population and offer concrete opportunities for community-building. At the same time, it will enhance public understanding of this crucial under-researched phenomenon, with the aim to actively promote intercultural engagement and foster inclusivity.

This project is currently in development. For more information please contact Dr Lorena Georgiadou at