School of Health in Social Science

Edinburgh CCRI Projects

CCRI has members from places around the world and from many organisations (as well as members who are not affiliated to any particular organisation). Here is information about CCRI-related projects from members who are part of the University of Edinburgh.

Transition Voices – Navigating Change

Transitions from school to adult services for young people with additional support needs are an issue at the moment and high on the agenda, mostly because it does not always seem to be working very well.

Atopic Residency

An interdisciplinary creative project inspired by a micro-residency in the laboratory of Professor Sara Brown, an eczema genetic research lab, within the School of Medicine, University of Dundee, Scotland, organised by ASCUS Art & Science.


An interdisciplinary immersive performance and VR project.

Depression and Virginia Woolf

My doctoral research, From Instinct to Self:

The Porn Factory

'The Porn Factory' is a pseudo porn website which is also my doctoral dissertation.

The emergence of the everyday social practice of ADHD

A Foucauldian-inspired ethnographic investigation.

Autoethnography in transitionality

My doctoral project is focussed on the idea of transitionality, which draws from the work of Donald Winnicott.

Reflexivity and personal experience in mental health research

With Tineke Broer and Martyn Pickersgill (of the Usher Institute).

Seven Songs for a Long Life

Seven Songs for a Long Life is a documentary film based in Strathcarron Hospice, one of the largest in Scotland.

Creativity and Learning in Later Life

A five year ethnographic study of museum education, creative writing, engagements with art objects and the ageing self.

Comic Book Praxis and the Making of Academic Knowledge

This was an interdisciplinary project which involved collaborating with a visual artist in order to explore the use of graphic narrative as a research approach.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Project

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program offers full PG and UG scholarships to African Scholars with great potential but few educational opportunities.

Couple counselling in safe mode

Ongoing research project which aims to develop ‘couple counselling in safe mode’ for couples where there is abuse.

Brexit and Mental Health

Investigating the impact of Brexit on UK-based EU nationals’ emotional and psychological well-being.

Measuring Humanity

Measuring Humanity is a co-produced asset-based indicator framework to ‘measure’ changes in health, wellbeing and inequalities through creative community engagement.

Family secrets

‘Writing the wrongs of the lingering past’: Four generations in a long line of strong Scottish women. My research focuses on unresolved and unacknowledged matrilineal grief that has been passed down across several generations of working-class women in a Scottish community.

Therapy, stand-up and the gesture of writing: Towards creative-relational inquiry

Therapy, Stand-Up, and the Gesture of Writing explores the connections between therapy, stand-up comedy, and writing as a method of inquiry; and how these connections can be theorized through the concept of creative-relational inquiry.

Experiencing dementia: changing dynamics with place and people

by Charlotte Clarke; I have, over several years, developed a programme of research that uses risk theories (such as Mary Douglas’ Cultural Theory of Risk) to explore and explain the changing dynamics with place and people when someone experiences dementia.

Third Space

Third Space is a programme that runs at the University of Edinburgh to support students’ international endeavours. Its aim is to promote reflexivity and intercultural engagement, maximising student learning and support. A number of research projects have emerged in relation to Third Space:

Contemporary Fiction and Psychotherapy: Meetings in the Shadowlands

I remember X playing with reels of film in the studio while I lay watching from the bed. Image after image - momentary differences progressively accentuating, slipping silently into one another. He concentrated hard and I watched him…. and the film… and myself too: he, absorbed in his activity, and me, thoughts free-floating, reflecting on the whole of the scene within which we were contained.

Marshallese Arts Project (MAP) – Exploring experiences of displacement through the arts.

This ESRC/AHRC GCRF funded project involved using arts education as a means to build cultural resilience and community-led arts production in the Marshall Islands.