School of Health in Social Science

Paula Jacobs

I worked within Learning Disabilities and Residential Care for 9 years before starting my PhD at the University of Edinburgh, School of Health in Social Science, in September 2016.

My PhD looks at transitions in the lives of adults with severe or profound intellectual disabilities. My study aims to look at how decisions are made for and with young people with severe or profound intellectual disabilities. I have finished my data collection of three projects: (1) Exploring the transition from school to adult services; (2) Exploring the transition out of the family home and (3) Exploring the transition into older age and looking at what happens once parents are not present anymore to advocate on behalf of their children. The first two projects involved case studies and the third interviews and group discussions with social care professionals. My studies have a narrative focus and I am particularly interested in the decision-making process from a relational and ecological perspective.


Transition Voices – Navigating Change



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