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Lorena Georgiadou

I am a lecturer at Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences

My research activity revolves around intercultural and interlinguistic practices in counselling, education and research, with a focus on people’s experiences, relationships and interpretations. Reflexivity and dialogue are central in my research engagement and outputs and I am becoming increasingly interested in arts-informed methods. 

I am involved in an ongoing interdisciplinary research collaboration between the Institute for Academic Development (IAD) and different schools within the College of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh to evaluate the ‘Third Space’, a pilot programme aiming to enhance students’ intercultural experiences and global citizenship skills. 

I am also exploring the use of digital tools, and particular blogging, as a way of developing an academic identity and making sense of perplexed experiences through narrative.

Recently I collaborated with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars programme at the University of Edinburgh to explore the mental health and wellbeing needs of global access students as they transition into University life. Click here to view the report from this UKCISA-funded project.

I am currently developing an interdisciplinary project on the impact of Brexit on the mental health and well-being of UK-based EU nationals.  



Third Space

Cross-cultural Transitions in Counsellor Education: Returning Home

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Project

“Brexit”: Focus on Mental Health



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