School of Health in Social Science

Jonathan Wyatt

I am the director of CCRI and professor of qualitative inquiry. 

My research examines the entanglement of self and other within and beyond the therapeutic encounter; and it troubles what we mean by ‘self’ and ‘other’. I undertake this research through autoethnography (or, better, 'assemblage/ethnography'), collaborative writing as inquiry, and through bringing these together with performance, including stand-up comedy, dance/movement, and film. My work connects the dots between collaborative inquiry in the context of research and collaborative inquiry in the context of therapy, searching for – and doubting – the transformative resources in each.


Therapy, stand-up and the gesture of writing: Towards creative-relational inquiry

Therapy, Stand-Up, and the Gesture of Writing explores the connections between therapy, stand-up comedy, and writing as a method of inquiry; and how these connections can be theorized through the concept of creative-relational inquiry.

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