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Fiona Cuthill

I am a Senior Lecturer in Nursing Studies & the Academic Director for the Centre for Homelessness & Inclusion Health.

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Fiona Cuthill Headhsot

Since coming to the University of Edinburgh in 2014, I have undertaken a range of different research and knowledge exchange activities in relation to health inequalities, harmful alcohol use, gender-based violence, refugee health and homelessness.

The focus of my work has been on both the lived experience of people who are forced to inhabit marginal spaces in society and also the day-to-day experiences of health care professionals as they strive to meet the health needs of poor and excluded individuals and families in community settings. 

I am particularly interested in how health is understood by people who are unable to access mainstream health care provision - particularly those experiencing the asylum process and/or homelessness - and how we, as health care professionals, work as 'street level bureaucrats' to reconcile policy directives with the challenges of working in resource depleted environments.

The themes of homelessness, asylum and gender weave through all of my thoughts, research, teaching and writing.