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No scripts attached: embodying improvisation theatre in the counselling room

One of the aims is to make the atmosphere lively to foster a fun and engaging time for everyone, but still be held within a safe space that embraces laughter, mistakes, and learning. After this, I hope to present my research in this field so far and begin a discussion on the possibilities of embodying improvisation in the counselling space to improve the quality of the therapeutic relationship. 


Who is this event for? This is an event that is open to counselling practitioners and trainees, those looking for alternative methods of fostering counsellor-client relationships, and anyone who might be interested in improvisation and dramatherapy. I would encourage participants to be open to sitting with the unknown and engaging with the games and the discussion following it. Fitting with the theme, there is no prior preparation required, nor any experience of performance. 


This event will be run by Nishi Ravi, Nishi is a student at the University of Edinburgh completing her Masters in Counselling, specialising in the Interpersonal Dialogue. Her research interests include (but are not limited to) depression, anxiety, and culture. She is a trainee counsellor in the midst of writing her dissertation on the embodiment of improvisation theatre within her in the counselling space to reduce anxiety, interweaving aspects of autoethnography and self-search heuristic inquiry. Nishi aims to eventually do her PhD and balance research with her practice, but in the meantime will settle for completing Chapter 3 of her dissertation.


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Jul 01 2019 -

No scripts attached: embodying improvisation theatre in the counselling room

This will be an interactive session to understand what improvisation is and an opportunity to play in a few well-established improv games.