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50 shades of brown

These discussions will span across the fields of social sciences, counselling and mental health, humanities, sociology, psychology, and cultural and gender studies. I will share my own experience of feeling othered and the unlikely place I received acceptance from. I hope to also facilitate a discussion and sharing of how these differences come ‘out to play’ in the workplace (in my case, the counselling room as an international trainee counsellor), and how this impacts the work we do.


Who is this event for? Anyone who has experienced feeling different, oppressed, or marginalized, people who work or have worked with under-represented groups, and people who consider themselves to be in positions of power or privilege. 


This event will be run by Nishi Ravi, Nishi is a student at the University of Edinburgh completing her Masters in Counselling, specialising in the Interpersonal Dialogue. Her research interests include (but are not limited to) depression, anxiety, and culture. She is a trainee counsellor in the midst of writing her dissertation on the embodiment of improvisation theatre within her in the counselling space to reduce anxiety, interweaving aspects of autoethnography and self-search heuristic inquiry. Nishi aims to eventually do her PhD and balance research with her practice, but in the meantime will settle for completing Chapter 3 of her dissertation. 


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Jul 03 2019 -

50 shades of brown

This event will very ‘Camp and Campfire’ – where we all sit in a circle sharing stories and experiences of feeling different, oppressed, othered, and debates around identity and power.