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Previous events from CCRI across the years

Counselling for traumatised NHS staff, a short-term psychodynamic & relational approach

The seminar presentation will outline an effective method of working within a short time frame, to enable staff who have been traumatised in their working roles to restore a sense of self-coherence and self-esteem, with a resulting lessening of symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.

Melancholic Communities and Real Life women’s magazines

I will discuss how the Real Life magazine genre is symptomatic of a social melancholia that emerged during the early 1990s and how they can be read as an attempt to replace what was lost from the UK’s social landscape

Psychosocial Perspectives on Contemporary Fascism

with Jacob Johanssen and Anthony Faramelli.

Minor Movements Celebration

The full calendar of events taking place as part of the Minor Movements July celebration!

CCRI First Thursday Seminar Series 2019/20

The ‘First Thursday’ seminar series engages with innovative, creative and radical conversations about counselling and psychotherapy research and practice.