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The Node

While everyone is talking, chatting, trying to interact with each other, the artist will use different daily life objects to physically connect everyone by binding each person to another through to braiding hair, earphone, noding clothes, shoes lacing, jewels… All kind of « material things » that are usually means of connection, contact  and interact with each other (fashion, magazine, hair, music…) 

We spend so much trying to interact with each other and always more digitally (by phone, chat..) that actually physically connecting, it will be disorienting at first before being loved. The sensation of feeling tied to another. Like a long human chain united.   

Elodie Barattucci is a multidisciplinary artist (visual artist, performer, photographer, art director, graphic designer, illustrator…) born in 1984 in Charleroi, Belgium and living in Paris. She has lived, worked and exhibited in Belgium, France, Italy, Vietnam and Ireland and has a Master Degree in Visual Arts (Master en Arts Plastiques, Visuels et de l’Espace) at L’école Supérieure des Arts Plastiques et Visuels (ARTS2). She has also studied photography at La Cambre in Brussels.


No specific audience, willingness to be part of the performance and meet people.


This performance is part of the Exhibition and Welcome Event, 1st July, 4.00pm-5.00pm. Book your place here

Jul 01 2019 -

The Node

The performance called « the node » is participating performance of Elodie Barattucci with the public.