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Skin structures: Installation

The piece is an installation of relational objects designed to revitalise subjectivity through the senses: primarily hapticity and proprioception. The relational objects include: stones of varying weights, cuttlefish bones, shiny silver balls, small cast pewter objects, portable speakers, handmade blankets, handmade chocolate.  

Collaborators are encouraged to rearrange the installation, eat it, read it, perform it, and even borrow the relational objects for a few hours.  


Anyone who is moved to play with the constellation. Active play is encouraged. No previous artistic experience is necessary.  


These events will be run by Sophia “Flo” Dacy-Cole, she is an artist and writer from Melbourne, Australia. She moved to Montreal in 2016 to pursue a two-year artistic residency at the SenseLab and then stuck around to see what would happen next. Her MFA thesis and thesis show “the perception of one’s own vitality” was an attempt to create an interdependent feedback loop between affect theory, contemporary sculpture, and her own experience as a climate activist. She remains animated by the links between, affect, politics, and art. Her current project, “case studies of touch”, enquires into the activism of the minor and the haptic.  


This performance is part of the Exhibition and Welcome Event, 1st July, 4.00pm-5.00pm. Book your place here

Jul 01 2019 -

Skin structures: Installation

A collaborative art installation.